Sunbeam Solar Systems situated on the Tweed Coast of Northern New South Wales is committed to providing clients with solar power systems that will service the client's specified power requirements to a standard of performance and quality consistent with Australian Standards, Council of Clean Energy requirements and manufacturer's specifications.

Additionally Sunbeam Solar Systems will also provide ongoing maintenance and service backup to clients from the Gold Coast Queensland down to Coffs Harbour in New South Wales on request, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your environmentally friendly power choice.

How Solar Technology Works

Future cells for solar
Solar cells on the roof directly convert energy from the sun from the point of source into usable energy.
A photovoltaic (PV) array comprises a number of solar panels connected together that produce DC current when exposed to the sun. They produce maximum output when directly facing the sun. On a clear day the SOLAR PV array will start producing power shortly after the sun rises, reach a maximum when the sun shines directly on the array and continue to supply DC electricity until the sun sets.

Sunbeam Solar - Environment

If you are someone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint a 1 kilowatt grid interaction solar system will save about 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. If Australian households switched to solar hot water and renewable energy sources we could reduce Australia's dependency on coal fired power stations by 50% straight up.

Ancient civilizations worshipped the Sun. Solar Energy is a profound energy source for humanity. It is about realising the future now and for the generations of humans who will inherit the earth.