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Solar power systems Tweed, Byron & Tenterfield to Gold Coast


Welcome to Sunbeam Solar System's website.

Please browse our site to learn more about our company, find out about government rebates and the types of systems we offer you. 


All life on earth depends on the sun.  In fact all the energy that we use including coal and oil is just old stored energy.

Around 1 millionth of the sun's energy strikes the earth - it is a boundless resource.

There are many ways we can convert this energy into useful forms ie hot water through solar collectors or directly into electricity through photovoltaics.  It does this without emissions, without noise and without moving parts. 

solar panels collecting sunlight

Sunbeam Solar can customise design to suit your homes aesthetics

Sunbeam Solar Systems is committed to providing clients with solar power systems that will service the client's specified power requirements to a standard of performance and quality consistent with Australian Standards, Council of Clean Energy requirements and manufacturer's specifications.

In addition to this Sunbeam Solar Systems provides a 12 month warranty in installation workmanship.

Sunbeam Solar Systems will also provide ongoing maintenance and service backup to clients on request, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your environmentally friendly power choice.