We are providers of high quality, reliable solar power systems – both standalone and grid interactive.

Sunbeam Solar Systems has unequalled expertise in off-grid solar system setup and conversion, having operated in the Tweed Coast / Northern NSW region since 1998. Our team shares a combined total of over 75 years knowledge in the electrical industry.

Save money, increase your independence, and help the environment by choosing solar energy.

Choose Sunbeam as your solar system installers to ensure that your system will be deployed and maintained by experts with an impeccable track record.

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Why Use Solar Energy?

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Producing your own electricity means you will save huge amounts on your electricity bill.

All life on earth depends on the sun. In fact all of the energy that we use - including coal and oil - is a form of stored energy from ancient sunlight. Around 1 millionth of the sun's energy strikes the Earth - it is a boundless resource that can be converted directly into electricity through photovoltaic cells without carbon emissions, noise, or the use of moving parts.


The Environmental Choice

A 1 kW grid interactive solar system will save roughly 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. If all Australian households switched to solar hot water and renewable energy sources we could reduce Australia's dependency on coal-fired power stations by a full 50%.

The widespread use of non-renewable energy from fossil fuels has resulted in massive ecological destruction through mining and the release of huge amounts of carbon into our atmosphere. Switching to solar power is the most reliable and cost-effective way to reduce your household's impact on the environment.